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Welcome to
Spoke 'n Cog.


About Us

Spoke 'n Cog is a mobile bicycle service and repair business owned and operated by Gary. 

Gary has had many years in the cycle industry and has an absolute passion for the sport and simply loves working on bikes.

Our Services


$70.00 Service

Although this is the "entry level" type service it's by no means a basic one. Your bike will get a thorough going over with any adjustments made, nuts and bolts checked and torqued and faults diagnosed and noted and suggestions put forward. You will get a quotation as to what (if any) parts are required along with the relevant costs involved. The drivetrain will get a wipe down and lube, cables and housings lubed and the entire bike, wheels included will get a wipe down.


$120.00 Service

This service offers a bit more than service no.1 as the complete drivetrain will be removed and put through the parts washer and given a thorough scrubbing, checkover, dried and reassembled and refitted onto the bike. As in service no.1 the entire bike will get a bit more love and get cleaned and polished and all parts lubed.


$240.00 Service

This is the Big Daddy of services! Your bike will get a complete strip down to the frame. ie everything removed. Every part will be cleaned and inspected. You will be notified of any parts requiring replacement other than gear and/or brake cables and housings. (This is standard on a service such as this and rarely is the cost greater than $50.00). The bike will be meticulously reassembled and every nut and bolt torqued to spec. 


Wheel Repairs and Builds

Gary is a master wheelbuilder and has built many,many wheels most of which have been custom builds. Wheels have also been rebuilt due to original wheels suffering multiple spoke breakages. Such wheels will more than likely still have good serviceable hubs and rims.  Contact Gary to discuss any issues you may have with your wheels and if you want a solid set of custom wheels, let him discuss the options and prices.



All types of Ebikes are serviced at Spoke 'n Cog. Contact Gary for any help and diagnostics and get the problem sorted. From tube and tyre replacements to brakes and chains. No problem too big. Gary also does Ebike upgrades so if you have a bike that you love but hate riding, think about converting it to an Ebike! Yes it can be done to ANY bike. Contact Gary for more information and a quotation.


Collect and Delivery Service

Take the hassle out of loading and unloading your bike. Let Gary come and collect your bike, take it to the workshop for it's required service and deliver it back to your place when it suits you. Gary can also do onsite servicing if that would suit you better.

Costs for collection and delivery are free within the Solway and Masterton residential and CBD areas.



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